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The Reliable Company Offering Dependable Transportation Management Solutions

Jun 20

If you want to streamline your freight operations and take your business to the next level, you need to invest in the right technology. One of the most important things you should consider is a transportation management solution. The solution should help in confirming orders, scheduling routes, tracking deliveries, and much more. But where can you get the right transportation management software for your trucking business? MessageXpress is the number one company developing EDI and TMS solutions for transportation companies. Here is why you should get solutions from us.

Our Solutions Are Dependable

At MessageXpress, we offer a wide range of dependable solutions for transportation businesses. We offer transportation TMS, EDI software, warehousing solutions, and much more. Our solutions come with advanced features, helping you to automate many functions and streamline your supply chain. The software and other solutions don’t have downtime, and in case they develop a problem, you just need to contact us to fix the issue quickly. 

We Upgrade Our Software and Offer Customized Solutions

We have a big team of tech experts working behind the scenes to collect feedback from our customers. The team also research a lot to know how we can improve our transportation management system software so it can serve your company better. For that reason, our team upgrades our solutions over time so that they can serve your shipping business better. We encourage our clients to give us feedback on how we can improve the solutions. So if you have a special request or need a customized solution, we will help you. 

We Will Help You Get the Best Out of the Software

Please note that our trucking accounting software, routing software, and others have many features. You may not know about these features unless we explain them to you. Besides offering demos, we are ready to help you take advantage of all the features each software has. Our technicians will train your team on how to use the solutions effectively, integrate them with your existing systems, and even get meaningful analytics. That way, your team will streamline the shipping process to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations and grow revenue.     

We Have Mobile Apps for Drivers & Staff

We also have a mobile app for drivers & staff. Your staff can use the mobile app to Trucking Dispatch Software, assign & reassign drivers, and do much more even when they are not in the office. The driver can also use the software to get notifications or updates regarding scheduled routes, deliveries, changes of routes, and other shipping information.